The Top 5 Signs To Look For To Know If He Is Flirting With You

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Ladies! Are you weary of being in the dark and clueless if the guys that you are eyeing are feeling the same was as you? Stop the drama. Just check out the signs that will tell you if the guy is into you. Here are the flirting signs that guys usually do.

1. Watch out for the smile

We all have this smile that reaches our eyes. If a guy looks at you and there is that smile, take the hint. The man you are looking at is interested in you. Don’t hesitate to smile back ladies.

2. Special treatment

Men are naturally good when dealing with women. What you need to do is check if there is any special treatment he is giving you. One sure thing you can see this sign is if there are other women around and he is giving you all his attention.

3. He being touchy

Alright ladies, this trait is not meant to be taking advantage. Say, for example. He reaches out to something then hold you and ask for your help. You will notice if he holds onto your hand a little bit longer. He could also be talking to you, and his arms tend to touch yours.

4. Leaning in

The leaning sign is so easy to spot. Whenever he is talking to you, he unknowingly leans forward with his shoulders. It is not something guys practice because it will be too awkward if it’s done intentionally. If a guy does this, his attention is all yours.

5. Remembering what you say

If a man is interested in a girl, he tends to remember even the smallest detail of what she said. After a few conversations and the guy suddenly remembered something that you’ve said, it is one sure sign that he is into you.

If you see these five indications in a guy, stop doubting yourself because there is a high chance that he is already flirting with you.

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